• Can Do Plumbing * 

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    License: Plumbers, 37591, TX

    Description: We use Live Video Chat to give plumbing prices before we drive out to serve you safer and faster. Live Video Chat allows you to schedule, pay less than the traditional ... Read more

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  • Josh Owens  * 

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    License: Plumbers, MPL-41242, Texas

    Description: I am a licensed master plumber in Texas with 18 years experience In all phases of plumbing from new construction to service and repairs. I am a craftsman and very ... Read more

    $3.66 per minute

  • Rick  * 

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    License: Plumbers, 10761, Md

    Description: Plumbing is my specialty, I have performed many types of plumbing repairs over the years. Learn plumbing repair from the plumbing pro to make less trips to the hardware ... Read more

    $1.66 per minute

  • Chris papulis * 

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    License: Plumbers, Mpl 10726, Massachusetts

    Description: Certified licensed plumbing vocational educator

    $3.00 per minute

  • Bradley Plumbing Systems Inc * 

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    License: Plumbers, PC-2626, CO

    Description: Bradley Plumbing Systems Inc goal is to provide the best possible service to customers while keeping up to today’s standard in building and plumbing code teaching our ... Read more

    $1.66 per minute

  • Plumb Right Plumbing * 

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    License: Plumbers, PGM895, Washington DC
    Plumbers, 8067, Maryland
    Plumbers, 2705111684A, Virginia

    Description: We use Live Video Chat to give plumbing prices before we drive out to serve you safer and faster Video Chat allows you to schedule, pay less than the traditional service ... Read more

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  • Rey Barcena * 

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    License: Plumbers, 699361, California

    Description: I have over thirty years experience as a plumber and have been a State Licensed Plumbing Contractor since 1994. I am also a Certified NCCER Plumbing Craft Instructor and ... Read more

    $3.66 per minute

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Benefits of Video Chat a Pro

 Save Money

Video Chat with Licensed Pros ready to instruct project specific DIY home and automotive repairs. Use the guidance of a Licensed Pro to save money, make less trips, and eliminate failed DIY repairs.

Video Chat with a local contractor to reduce trips for estimates, materials, and specialty tools. Recieve quality control inspections to reduce the risk of a failed repair. Video Chat Services provides contractor interaction without the time and cost of driving.

 Save Time

Video Chat with local home service repair contractors and automotive repair shops to build trust. Hire instantly to get estimates from plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, appliance repair contractors, landscape irrigation contractors, and automotive repair shops. Show the licensed home service contractor or automotive repair shop the problem to save time.

 Learn a New Skill

Video Chat A Pro provides you the ability to educatively choose to successfully complete DIY repairs on your homes or vehicles or hire a local company to do it for you. Anyone can learn from a licensed trades professional or from an automotive mechanic proper DIY. Hire a licensed contractor or an automotive mechanic to complete your home and automotive repairs when you have to. Have a licensed video pro guide you so your DIY repair is performed correctly, with no disasters. 

 No Stranger in Your Home

Video Chat Service allows you to meet the technician before he arrives, build trust and eliminate the stranger in your home. For DIY people that do not want anyone in their home, video chat services allows a path to successful project completion with guidance from a licensed trade pro.   

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