• Chuck Bentley

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    License: Landscapers, GEORGIA

    Description: 30+ years in irrigation and landscape, conventional and two-wire systems, trouble shooting and problem diagnosis, irrigation design

    $1.66 per minute

  • Anthony

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    License: Landscapers, 528473519, Florida

    $1.66 per minute

  • Jayson

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    License: Landscapers, 5268912-78, KS

    Description: I currently work as a sales rep at a world wide irrigation parts store so I can help you with the right parts.

    $2.33 per minute

  • Barry Petrucci

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    License: Landscapers

    Description: I have been in the irrigation business for 15 years. I have done everything from installs to trouble shooting complex wiring, timer, and solenoid issues. I have vast ... Read more

    $2.33 per minute

  • Down To Earth Landscaping & Snow Removal

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    License: Landscapers

    Description: Don't waste your short summers toiling away in your yard; leave that job to the professionals. When you hire the expert crews at Down to Earth Landscaping & Snow Removal ... Read more

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Why Video Chat a Pro

 Save Money

Search Licensed Pro's ready to aid with DIY Home and Auto repairs, replacements and maintenance via Video Chat Services. Save money when you use Video Chat Pros to teach you. Use the guidance of a Licensed Pro to save money, make less trips, and reduce injuries. Repair companies eliminate multiple trips for estimates, materials, specialty tools and quality control. Video Chat Services provides customer interaction after a purchase with-out the cost of driving.

 Save Time

Search local home and automotive repair companies to instantly receive estimates or quotes from Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Appliance repair, Landscape Irrigation, and ASE Certified Automotive repair companies. Show the repair company or freelance pro exactly what you need to get an accurate repair price or DIY help to correctly finish the repair. Shop for your repair company from home with-out waiting for the technician to come give a quote. 

 Learn a New Skill

Video Chat A Pro provides the Platform for Licensed Trades Professionals to offer Video Chat Services, giving you the ability to successfully complete DIY repairs, replacements and maintenance on your homes or automobiles. The Platform allows anyone to learn from a Licensed Trades Professional to complete your own DIY Repairs, Replacements and Maintenance. Have a Licensed Video Pro guide you so your DIY repair is performed correctly, with no disasters. 

 No Stranger in Your Home

When choosing a repair company, you just never know who is coming to your home. Video Chat Service allows you to meet the technician before he arrives, eliminating the stranger in your home. For DIY people that do not want anyone in their home, Video Chat Services allows a path to successful project completion with guidance from a licensed trade professional.   

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