Jason Edwards

I am here to Walk you through any of your DIY Hvac needs. I am well-versed to my degree which I’ve earned in engineering from Long Island University as well as my HVAC degree and my EPA universal certification. I am well spoken and understanding of the need you may have, choose me to be the one to help you complete your HVAC project together we can make a difference.

Residential maintenance operations- maintain, service & repairs on all HVAC equipments, properly recovering and evacuating Hvac system of refrigerants & recharging of Hvac systems with recovered/ recycled refrigerants, recovering contaminated refrigerant from Hvac Refrigeration systems, pulling vacuum to properly evacuate refrigeration systems, weighing refrigerants and filling refrigerant cylinders, checking condensation drain lines to ensure freedom of debris and proper drainage, placing proper Dot classification tags on evacuated cylinders for refrigerant to be sent for reclamation or disposal, using multi meter to check electrical voltages, continuity (omhs) and temperatures of outdoor and indoor residential air conditioning units, as well as all additional duties & responsibilities of an Hvac maintenance technician.


All Hvac installs and repairs

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